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    What really happened to Xtream Codes?

What really happened to Xtream Codes?

IPTV Xtream Codes was a popular method that people used in order to stream IPTV content. However, this streaming service is no longer available. It was taken down and it led users towards a confusing situation. In fact, the users of Xtream codes started wondering what really happened to it. From this article, we will let you know about what IPTV Xtream codes is and what really happened to it.

What exactly is Xtream Codes?

Xtream Codes can be considered as an IPTV panel. It provided an excellent platform for the IPTV service providers in order to manage their services and customer databases. In fact, it can be considered as the most popular platform that can be used for effective IPTV management. Hence, the shutdown of Xtream codes created a massive impact on the lives of people who used it.

It is also important to keep in mind that Xtream codes is not just another IPTV service provider. It is a platform available for the people who offer streaming services.

What really happened to Xtream Codes?

The sudden shutdown of Xtream Codes is quite strange. That’s because Xtream codes was a legal platform. There was nothing wrong with it and it was offering legitimate operations for all the people. A large number of IPTV providers used this service without having to worry about anything as well.

Let’s deep dive and take a look at the exact reason that led towards the shutdown of IPTV Xtream Panel. Then you will be able to understand what really happened to it.

The Xtream codes shutdown happened due to an investigation that was conducted by Italian Police GdF. In fact, this is the Finance Section of Italian police. They went ahead and arrested an IPTV service provider, who was offering an illegal service. In fact, this service provider has been capturing the paid TV channels in Italy and streaming them over the internet. This incident took place in the city called Naples. The person who did this work has been offering the streaming services from his own apartment.

During the investigation, the Italian Police noticed that he has used the Italian Sky TV decoders in order to go ahead and re-stream the television channels over the internet. All these operations started when the reseller or the seller started promoting his services through a Facebook page. Italian police caught the attention of this Facebook page. As a result, they planned on a mission to go ahead and arrest this person.

How is it related to Xtream codes?

During the investigation, Italian police was able to figure out the infrastructure that this person has been using to offer the IPTV service. In addition to that, it was possible to figure out that he has been working on streaming numerous foreign TV channels as well.

The service offered by this person was facilitated by an Xtream Panel or the backend servers. That’s where things started going against in favor of Xtream Panel.

The big issue

When the IPTV server was seized, data of the other IPTV providers were exposed as well. They included all the sensitive data of the IPTV service providers, such as their usernames, passwords, payment information and the IP addresses. Local authorities got hold of all the details of the IPTV providers and resellers who are using Xtream Panel. Along with that, it was possible for them to go after the other service providers as well. Hence, Xtream Panel decided to shut down their operations, so that they will be able to ensure the betterment of all parties associated with.

What would happen to the customers?

Most of the people in today’s world are using VPN connections in order to ensure their protection at the time of using IPTV subscriptions. This will help them to stream media content online while keeping the peace of mind. However, the leak of personal data created a threat for the people who use the streaming services without VPNs to face fines. They were put in a situation where they had to pay fines of up to $25,000.

Along with the shutdown of Xtream codes, the IPTV customers don’t need to worry about anything. They will be able to remain safe. However, it is important for you to make sure that you are using legitimate IPTV Subscription in the future to make sure that such problems don’t take place.

What would happen next?

We are not too sure whether Xtream codes will make a comeback or not. However, it is possible to see that the Xtream codes Facebook Page is now back online. Along with that, the website of Xtream Codes is up and running as well. Therefore, we can expect that Xtream codes is looking forward to make a comeback. This time, they will come up with appropriate measures to make sure that no person can use the panel for illegal purposes. Therefore, people who used the IPTV Xtream Codes panel for legitimate streaming purposes will be able to use it while keeping the peace of mind at all times. It can deliver an impressive experience to them as well.

Final Words

There are many IPTV Providers who are gone for good after what happened to Xtream Codes. Therefore, all clients who used to subscribe with them no longer have IPTV Service.

But, it’s not the case with you you still can get IPTV and enjoy watching your favorite Live TV Channels and VOD.

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