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    Is IPTV legal?

Is IPTV legal?

Popularity of IPTV has increased significantly throughout the past few years. If you are about to get your hands on IPTV, you must be wondering if IPTV is legal or not. This article will provide you with answers to all the questions that you have. Then you can go ahead and get IPTV without keeping any second thoughts in mind.

What exactly is IPTV?

IPTV refers to Internet Protocol Television. In other words, IPTV is using the exact same protocols that are being used by your web browser. It is relying on the IP address of your network. You will be getting media content for IPTV over the broadband network.

What’s the difference between IPTV and ordinary TV?

IPTV is quite different from ordinary television that you watch. The biggest difference is the way how content is coming to your home. When you take a look at IPTV, media content will be streamed to your home via the broadband connection that you have. But when it comes to ordinary TV, you will be getting the signals through a satellite transmission. Even the network architecture that is there behind these two TV methods are different.

With ordinary TV, you can watch content that is being broadcasted right now. However, IPTV Subscriptions can provide you with Video on Demand facility. In other words, you can watch content whenever you want, at any given time.

Are Hulu and Netflix options for IPTV?

No, Hulu and Netflix are not the same IPTV. That’s because they belong to the category of OTT, or Over the Top.

OTT has a distributed architecture. It is not controlled by a single internet service provider. Instead, multiple system operators are responsible for controlling it. No ISP is therefore responsible for the content that comes to your home via OTT transmissions. But when you take a look at IPTV, you will figure out that there is a service provider, who transmits content to your home.

The content you will need to get for IPTV is different from OTT as well. You need to be mindful about this at the time of getting your subscription.

Equipment needed for these two option are different as well. Hence, you can think about considering it as another major difference. OTT would only require you to go ahead with an internet connection and a laptop. However, you need specialized equipment to get your hands on IPTV. We will be discussing about those equipment later in this article.

There are few similarities in between OTT and IPTV as well. One of the most common similarities is Video on Demand and ability to watch live TV. On the other hand, video formats used are quite similar to as well.

Regardless of these similarities, you will need to make a decision to go ahead with a connection after getting a clear understanding about requirements. Then you will find it as an easy task to take things to the next level easily.

What are the pros of IPTV?

There are many pros and cons of getting IPTV Subscription. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Video on demand

Video on demand which is also known as VOD refers to getting media content that you want on demand. Movie streaming sites is a perfect example for it. You can see the videos and you can access them based on your demand.

Content that you see through a video on demand service is owned by the service provider. However, you will be provided with the ability, where you can demand to watch content. Even if the content is old, you have the ability to demand and watch it. This might seem obvious for many, but it stands in stark when compared to the next IPTV type available for you to grab.

  • Time shifted media

IPTV provides a functionality that is quite similar to catch-up TV. It is possible for you to enjoy movies and other content, which you have missed earlier. However, the content will not be available indefinitely. They will be stored only for a limited duration of time.

Now you must be wondering what happens to content when the time has elapsed. Once the time is elapsed, content will be removed from the selection of broadcaster. In other words, you will not be able to watch it. That’s the main reason why you cannot watch previous year’s shows with time shifted media. This can be considered as the main difference that exist in between time shifted media and video on demand. Shelf time associated with time shifted media is relatively low when compared to video on demand. Therefore, you should be mindful about it at the time of using.

  • Live IPTV

As the next thing, you can find Live IPTV. This is where you can enjoy the live TV channels. If you want to watch a live sports match, which is happening, you need to go ahead with this. Content obtained from the broadcaster will be brought to you directly with this.

Watching live IPTV can deliver the same experience to you as watching TV in your ordinary TV with the antenna. However, you will be exposed to a lot more television channels. In addition to that, the video quality that you receive is high. Another benefit associated with watching live TV through this method is content freedom. In other words, you will be able to watch media content on your mobile phone or iPad, instead of just sitting in front of the television. You will love this media freedom that comes on your way and it can expose you to a lot of new opportunities.

Some of the best TV channels that you can enjoy live with the help of IPTV include Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, CBS Sports HA, and Fox Sports Go. Therefore, you will even find it as an easy task to catch all the action and excitement that comes along with live sports channels. When you do a simple search on the internet, you will come across many different types of IPTV services. However, you will be able to see these TV channels in all those IPTV services. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about anything.

  • Near Video on Demand

Near Video on demand is similar to the pay per view service. In here, you can watch content which you want the most. This is the ideal method available for multiple users to watch and enjoy content. Assume that you have several individuals in your home, who have the need to watch different media channels simultaneously on different devices. They will not be able to get the job done with the help of traditional ITPV services. Instead, they will have to look for near video on demand. It can help them to watch media content simultaneously, without experiencing a lot of hassle of frustration.

You can also consider near video demand as a mixture of video on demand and live TV.

  • TV on demand

Instead of watching specific programs, you can enjoy the TV channel online. This facility is provided to you with TV on-demand. This is quite different from ordinary TV as well. That’s because you have the freedom to enjoy the channels that suit you. You just need to listen to your preferences and start enjoying content. This can provide you with enhanced freedom when watching content.

The current state of IPTV

The market of IPTV users is relatively small when compared to the total number of individuals who watch television through traditional methods. We can expect the market base to grow in the future. The expansion of content providers are contributing significantly towards the popularity of IPTV.

How would the future of IPTV look like?

People are making the shift to go ahead with IPTV due to all the great benefits. Therefore, we can expect to see an exponential increase in the total number of IPTV users in the future. We can prove this from the statistical figures as well.

You need to make sure that the set top box that you are using allows pirating. If you are confident about that, you can purchase IPTV without having a doubt in mind. That’s because IPTV is completely legal and you don’t need to worry about anything at the time of using it.

In today’s world, IPTV is themost popular method available to broadcast content as well. For example, if you are a sports fan, you will require catching all the excitement live from the comfort of your home. IPTV can provide a superior support to you with that. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy content with ease.

The overall service and experience that you are getting out of ITPV depends on your service provider. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are getting the assistance of a reliable service provider. Once you select such a reliable service provider, you will be tempted to keep on enjoying content for many years to come as well.

Here are some useful facts, which will assist you to get a better understanding about the future of IPTV. If you wonder if going forward with an IPTV connection is good or not, you can take a look at these facts. Then you will be convinced to go ahead and make the next step and obtain your own IPTV connection with ease.

Useful facts about IPTV
  • As of now, there are more than 130 million IPTV subscribers out there in the world. The number is increasing at a rapid pace as well.
  • By the end of 2015, we could see an annual increase of six million IPTV subscribers per year.
  • China is one of the leading players in the IPTV market. In fact, China is responsible for introducing 3.7 million new subscribers to obtain IPTV connections per year. It is also the fastest growing market in Asia. When you take a look at the stats, you will also notice that China has got the biggest IPTV market as well.
  • In general, both Asia and Europe has a higher IPV subscriber market. However, the connection prices are provided at a lower price tag. That’s mainly due to the IPTV users who come from India and China. They are generating very little revenue within the IPTV industry. However, North America has a strong market, which is generating a decent revenue.

For IPTV connections to be popular, we should expect this quality of service offered to be carried out throughout. If that happens, we will be able to notice how the IPTV industry grows big to become a $117 billion industry by the year 2025. It is just $38 billion in 2016.

These factors also showcase the increasing popularity of IPTV market and how the future of IPTV would look like
  • One of the factors that can contribute towards the future of IPTV is providing ability for the users to go ahead and create their own channels. This can provide them with a more personalized viewing experience at the end of the day. Along with that, an excellent variety will also be made available to them in terms of channels that are available to watch.
  • The biggest competitor that IPTV market has to face is OTT media. However, the obvious pros available on the side of IPTV is driving its popularity forward and making it legal. Therefore, you will be able to see how IPTV overcomes the competition that it is receiving from OTT media in a convenient manner in the future.

Is IPTV legal?

Yes, IPTV is legal. You now know a better understanding about IPTV and all the above-mentioned benefits are provided to you in a complexly legal manner. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything at the time of getting an IPTV connection.

What would happen when your ISP caught that you use IPTV?

Since IPTV is legal, you don’t need to worry about anything when your ISP notices that you are using IPTV. You will not have to face any negative consequences as a result of it. You will be able to continue enjoying the services that are offered to you in the long run.

Does IPTV Require any devices?

There are few equipment, which you need in order to get IPTV. Here are the most prominent equipment out of them.

  1. A set top box – You should get a set top box or a STB. It is responsible for decoding media content that is shared to you and viewing them on the TV. You will be able to purchase set top boxes from the market in many different shapes and sizes. Some of them physically look as boxes, whereas the others look similar to sticks. However, you should keep in mind that STB is playing an integral role behind IPTV and you should be able to receive signals without any hassle from it.
  2. A router – To get content from the broadband connection to decoder, you will need to use a router. once you connect your router, STB will also be able to send out commands from it directly to the server. Therefore, you can access content on demand without any hassle.
  3. A display terminal – The display terminal can help you to display content that you get on the television.
When you go ahead with this set up, there are few important things that you need to notice:

The first thing is that you need to understand your set top box is the primary communication mode that exist in between the service provider and the viewer. In here, set top box is playing the role of a receiver, which you use when accessing satellite TV. It is important for you to have the set top box in order to surf channels. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive functionality that is delivered through IPTV.

Secondly, you should note the fact that set top box will be provided to you by the service provider. Hence, this set top box comes pre-programed and you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is to connect it to your router and the television.

If you don’t have a set top box, you don’t need to worry about anything. That’s because you have the freedom to use your computer as the set top box. In fact, your computer can decode internet data packets. Therefore, you are provided with the chance to enjoy your favorite IPTV channels on computer. However, your television is not in a position to get this work done.

Deep diving into the legality of IPTV

As you already know, IPTV is completely legal. However, you need to make sure that your set top box is not tampered, otherwise, you will have to deal with a lot of legal issues. You should never run into any difficulties like that. This is the main reason why you need to be extra careful at the time of using a set top box.

When you take a look at the Kodi boxes, you will see that they already include large number of apps. As a consumer, all you have to do is to make a one-time payment and you will be able to enjoy all the channels.

But once you move forward with IPTV, you will have to pay an annual fee or a monthly fee in order to enjoy premium content. Since you are paying this subscription fee, you will be remaining under legal boundaries. This fact is not true at all. That’s because there are multiple third party add-ons, which you can get in order to access content via illegal methods. Even the set top box that you are using here is illegal. Therefore, you are doing something that goes against the law. You need to be mindful about this.

The issue with Kodi boxes

You need to be extra mindful when you are using Kodi boxes. It is still a relatively easy task for you to get your hands on Kodi boxes. However, they are in a position to lead you towards a lot of hassle. Some of the leading online retailers, such as eBay, Facebook and Amazon have restricted the sale of fully loaded boxes to keep the people away from these legal issues. However, vendors are still clever enough to overcome these bans and go ahead with modified boxes. They are only concerned about the ability that comes with these boxes for them to enjoy content. They don’t focus on anything else at the time of getting. However, We recommend that you don’t fall in this mistake.

You can simply subscribe to a legal IPTV subscription and it is more than enough. It can also help you keep the peace of mind in the long run because you know that you are not doing something, which would lead you towards legal issues in the long run. It’s just a matter of finding the right IPTV service provider, who can cater to your needs.

Final Words

As you can see, using IPTV or even becoming IPTV Reseller is completely legal and you don’t need to think twice before you get your hands on IT. This can help you keep the peace of mind. However, you should also understand that using fully loaded IPTV box might not be legal because the content shared on them require Legal Authorities approval. This is the main reason why you need to be aware of who the reliable IPTV connection providers are. Then you will be able to get the connections without any hassle and make sure that you don’t run into any legal issues. You will love this method of enjoying content because it provides streamed content directly to your doorstep without costing you a fortune.



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