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    Top countries using IPTV

Top countries using IPTV

IPTV is extremely popular in the world we live. That’s because people are interested in enjoying content shared by the IPTV subscriptions. It can deliver a bunch of amazing experiences to people as well. Along with these statistics, you will be interested in getting to know about the top countries that use IPTV. Then you can figure out which countries have embraced IPTV service for getting their entertainment requirements catered as well. Following are the most prominent countries that are using IPTV as of now.



China has a massive population. Likewise, more than 33 million people in China are enjoying IPTV subscriptions as well. Due to the same reason, you can call it as the country with highest number of IPTV users. People in China don’t have any legal restrictions with watching IPTV. On the other hand, IPTV subscriptions are available to them at an affordable price tag as well. Hence, people tend to watch IPTV content without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in mind.



France is the country that has got the highest number of IPTV subscribers out there in the western world countries. It is true that IPTV subscriptions are not so popular in European countries because of legal boundaries and limitations. However, you will be able to find a completely different scenario in France. Within France, you can find lots of IPTV users. These IPTV users enjoy various types of quality content available to them.

North America


North America has a massive IPTV subscribers list as well. In fact, more than 13 million people in United States are using IPTV subscriptions as of now. Back in the day, cable TV was the most popular option among people in United States to enjoy media content. However, people who live in United States are now understanding the cons associated with cable TV subscriptions. Due to the same reason, they have started using IPTV subscriptions.

South Korea


South Korea is a country where people have access to high speed internet. Hence, they have an ideal environment created to enjoy IPTV content. Due to the same reason, people don’t tend to think twice before they get their hands on the IPTV subscriptions that are available to them as well. They can also enjoy watching Live TV Channels, Movies and TV Shows from all around the world, which is not possible within the traditional television options.


Final Words


There is a dramatic increase in the demand on IPTV services and it’s a worldwide thing, you should try IPTV if you haven’t done that already



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