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With IPTVPalace you can watch Live TV Channels , Movies and TV Shows on any IPTV device anywhere in the world

Compatible with the following Devices & Apps

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Thousands of Live TV Channels Worldwide
Premium HD and FHD Sports, News, Movies and everything


Frequently updated Movies, High Quality Movies

TV Shows
TV Shows

Best TV Shows of all time
Updated Frequently TV Series
Best of 2024

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Why choosing IPTVPALACE?


First, we provide you with more than 10,000 premium & normal Live TV Channels.

In Addition to, more than 18,000 VOD (Movies & TV Shows).

Second, there is no extra costs, just the IPTV Subscription Fees.

Furthermore, we have very stable worldwide IPTV Service.

Third, our high Bandwidth IPTV servers to ensure stability and no Freezing IPTV Service.

We really care about our customers satisfaction.

Certainly, we provide the cheapest IPTV Subscription prices.

In Fact, IPTVPalace is a Trusted IPTV Provider.

Furthermore, it works on any IPTV Device.

Competitive IPTV prices.

Unique and the best m3u playlist in the market.

Providing 1 month IPTV Subscription

In addition to, providing 3 months, 6 months and 1 Year IPTV Subscription service

Certainly, you can use your preferable IPTV player app.

In addition to, supporting STB Emulator and any similar app.

Moreover, recommended by thousands of worldwide clients.

In Addition to, being a Reliable IPTV Service.

Last but not least, we have friendly Customer Service & Live Chat.

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More information about IPTVPalace


IPTVPALACE is a Premium IPTV provider with more than 7,000 Live TV Channels worldwide and more than 56,000 Movies & TV shows through Private IPTV server with high bandwidth size to ensure stability and anti freezing this Premium IPTV service (Internet Protocol television) is received as m3u list to be used using the internet only, instead of being used via television cables or the old satellite signals, IPTVPalace also provides you with the ability to watch the channels, movies and TV Shows directly on your device without any cables or cords. Supported devices include Samsung & LG Smart TVs Laptop PC Macbook Android TVs Android Boxes IPTV Box Dreamlink AVOV Smart IPTV MAG Openbox Apple TV 4 & 5 Tablets iPad iPhone Dreambox STB Emulator Enigma 2 Nividia shield box VU+ Amazon Firestick Smartphones, all of these devices and more support our IPTV links.

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1 Month
7,000+ Live TV Channels
56,000+ Movies & TV Shows
FHD,HD & SD TV Channels
Premium Live TV Channels
Works on any device BUY NOW
3 Months
7,000+ Live TV Channels
56,000+ Movies & TV Shows
FHD,HD & SD TV Channels
Premium Live TV Channels
Works on any device BUY NOW
6 Months
7,000+ Live TV Channels
56,000+ Movies & TV Shows
FHD,HD & SD TV Channels
Premium Live TV Channels
Works on any device BUY NOW
1 Year
7,000+ Live TV Channels
56,000+ Movies & TV Shows
FHD,HD & SD TV Channels
Premium Live TV Channels
Works on any device BUY NOW
2 Years
7,000+ Live TV Channels
56,000+ Movies & TV Shows
FHD,HD & SD TV Channels
Premium Live TV Channels
Works on any device BUY NOW

Now you can get Live TV Channels & VOD with very high quality from all over the world! IPTVPalace provides premium Live TV channels from around the world in just one IPTV subscription, including Arabic USA Canada Germany UK Latino Romania Spain South Africa Ireland Thailand Italia Austria Brazil Bulgaria China Colombia Czech Finland Hungary Iran Israel France Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands Japan Macedonia Iceland Malaysia Malta Norway Poland Russia Singapore Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Vietnam Albania Portugal Greece India Pakistan Turkish, and many other countries.
Buy IPTV to have these and more available to you.

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Why Becoming IPTV Reseller at IPTVPalace?


First, we provide the Cheapest IPTV Resellers prices.

Second, we have the Best IPTV Service.

In Addition to, getting your own IPTV Panel to manage clients.

Furthermore, setting up the resellers panels for free .

Nevertheless, we have very stable worldwide IP TV Service.

At the same time, providing more than 19,000 Live TV Channels & VOD.

7,000 Live TV Channels Worldwide.

11,000 Movies and TV Shows.

Third, you have the freedom to sell IPTV Subscriptions with the price you want.

Fourth, you can create 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 1 Year IPTV Subscriptions.

Definitely, you can make huge profit for each IPTV Subscription sold.

Most importantly, it works on all devices.

IPTV Resellers Prices

  • IPTV Palace Customer Support

    We Offer Top Quality Customer Service


    Thousands of returning and new customers who join us because of our high quality service.

You are not alone !

On the contrary, we have thousands of highly satisfied and loyal customers worldwide

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Over 16000 Movies & TV Shows

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